My Gentle Journey Healing℠ Experience

I was delightfully anxious to see what an energy healing session with Mary would be like. Her touch was gentle. Through her innate abilities, I felt she was able to "read" me in terms of where my body was in trouble or pain. I felt peaceful and different after my healing session. My leg/ankle/heel felt light. The heavy stiffness that was previously "normal" just wasn't there. I very much enjoyed my experience and look forward to more benefits of Mary's healing sessions.

~Mary Ann N. New Hope, MN

I have been changing and have worked hard on asking the universe to bring positive people into my life. I believe I met Mary for that reason. She has helped me with much of my pain and has helped me open to new possibilities in life. Mary has used her energetic gifts to help bring back the light into my life. She has not only helped with my physical pain; she has helped my emotional state as well. Thank you for being you - no judgment, only a wonderful, loving heart. You are amazing.

~Raina W. Shakopee, MN

Mary has helped me in a way I never would have dreamed. She has helped me remove my invisible but very solid wall that was holding me back. I am able to start living again. I have new and better ways to deal with life and I'm more spiritually in touch with myself. Mary is helping me past my own minds intricacies in learning that I matter. I am always very comfortable and cared for in her hands. I highly recommend Mary to my family and friends.

~Christine V. Plymouth, MN

When I receive a treatment from Mary, I can feel that my body and soul are healing. There is a subtle shift of energy that helps center me. She knows/understands what is needed. I trust Mary to be honest with me and know I can be honest with her. That trust is strong in my heart. I find it easy to tell Mary things that, perhaps, I have never told anyone, never felt safe enough to tell anyone. She understands and sees me clearly. Mary is safe. There is only compassion and healing.

~Theresa R. Mpls, MN

Interestingly, the biggest thing I felt was the presence of people who had died. At one point it felt like someone was lightly holding my hand (the energy of someone holding my hand, I could tell it wasn't you or a real hand). After the session I felt very relaxed and calm. I would say it lasted for the rest of the day and I felt more centered for days afterwards.

~Melissa B. Mpls,MN